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    69 Convertible build

    Over the last few days I’ve got the radiator installed and hooked up, finished installing and wiring the ac system, hooked up the transmission cooling lines, cleaned and repainted my seat frames, disassembled the convertible frame and completely rebuilt and painted it, and installed the carpet. I also got all the electrical issues sorted out and everything works properly now.
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    SCOTT DRAKE steering box

    Contact Chockostang, he can either supply a rebuilt box or rebuild yours. I got a rebuilt one from him for my 69 Coupe but I have not driven the car yet since it is not running yet. http://www.chockostangclassicmustang.com/
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    Progress has been slow lately. But I have much of the electrical wiring done. I now have my exterior lighting mods installed and tested, including the led switchbacks in the front fender extensions and the sequential arrows in the power side view mirrors. I also used red led bulbs in the taillights. I used red instead of clear led bulbs to avoid the orange color effect in the lens, as a result of the brighter led bulbs. See the video link below. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuF11H1Kul6fwG98iUZuD52EK00T?e=X2qLZq
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    dream car

    Help for 69 mach 1 alignment

    Aslanefe is right, just adjust the UCA, and LCA till you get108" wheelbase. The front left wheel probably sustained damage from a side impact, caused the twist on the tower. Post picture after fix.
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    More progress...spoiler, wheel lip and rocker moldings. Taillights and panel... I know some folks don't like how painted them.

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