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    Help for 69 mach 1 alignment

    Can you post a picture of how you took the above measurements? Looks like driver side shock tower is bent inwards on front UCA bolt location and outwards on rear bolt location creating total of 1/2 inches of twist. This will move the left front wheel forward about 1 inch compared to right side when you get caster of both right and left to almost same degree. Temporarily, I would adjust the adjustable UCA 1/2 inches longer on front if you can, if not put 1/2 shim under front. Permenant fix would be to find a place that can twist the tower and get it correct on driver side.
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    Life’s Challenges

    What a great picture, you’re a great guy to provide such support. -30°C probably isn’t too bad for you Packer fans.... ! I think you need to get a Cheesehead version of that LOL Well are all praying for you both
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    69 Mach 1 / 408W

    Side wings installed left and right of stereo, little trimming required.
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    Boss 302 shock tower reinforcements

    I did templates of the areas to fill in and cut them out of some leftover 11ga. I also fully welded all the seams on the shock towers before installing the plates, then fully welded them in place. The big block reinforcements were also fabricated (these are out of 7ga) and fully welded and blended. The inner brace was more 7ga, fully welded.

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