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    Rear Axle Ratio

    Put some 27 inch or bigger tars on the back.
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    Hoses for air hose reel

    I have a few harbor freight hose reels. The reels there self are good. It’s the hoses on them that are junk. I just want replace the hoses on the reels. What are good hoses to use for this?
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    So Kamela and Joe...

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    Hoses for air hose reel

    Bah. I just suck it up, and then blow it out, not needing any hoses at all. Be a man!
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    Hoses for air hose reel

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    Hoses for air hose reel

    I only use Flexzilla in my shop. Harbor freight dryrots in a week.
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    So Kamela and Joe...

    After watching the brain dead moron speak or try to read the screen thru squinting eyes, It took a lot to keep from throwing up my lunch! Not only was it a total BS lie filled so called speech, But so wrong in every way. I am sure the lies will pile up as time gets closer to the Nov 3rd vote, So I suggest that everyone get set for a major upheaval and unrest in the days to come.
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    70 Landau Coupe Special

    Pulled a late one last Friday night. Tranny in and all ready to fire. Fired it up Sunday, good to go after I get it registered for the streets.
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    you should not have the front line running upward because it can trap air and not bleed it out.
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    I finally was able to drive mine 20 miles yesterday, love it. I was able to use my stock Ford pump (a Cardone unit I've had a couple years). I didn't wander on the highway like my stock setup did. I turns fine stopped and at idle and low speed. Matt

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