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    Hello I just wanted to share some videos of customers car with my lights. www.vintageleds.com Jonas is in Sweden.
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    70 Landau Coupe Special

    Bought this car last year for 400.00, as a parts car. After getting it home and getting the 4 five gallon buckets worth of old acorns, rat and squirrel crap, and ?? it looked to good to part her out. When I got brave enough to take out the back seat and venture into the trunk, there I found the rest of the interior pieces, exterior trim, light buckets, and another 2 five gallon buckets of nuts and crap. I stripped her down, went thru all the wiring, and got all the electrical working. I replaced the drivers side floor pan and off to paint and body she went. Rust was minimal, with just a few patches in the normal rusted out spots and a new used top of course. She came home today.
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    Radio cuts off when turn signal starts

    danno, Mach 1 Driver, and of course Midlife got it right! It was the contacts in the fuse block. To me they looked clean, didnt appear to have rust. But I used wet/dry paper on all contacts plus used dielectric grease. Problem gone. Just took it for a nice ride. NO cut out with turn signals or with the reverse lights. Thank you guys! Makes the cruise that much better! And its still Candy Apple Red!
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    Phils 69 rebuild

    And that back-end hop (or rear-end shift?).... idk, but it could be a mustang feature. Best thing I did was put KYB gas-adjust shocks in all the way around. I haven't felt back-end hop much since then - except on wash-board-y dirt roads. Anyway, best of luck. These cars have next to no weight on the ass-end, and so they always feel kinda light and shifty back-there on less than perfect roads. Hope you get her rolling under you soon. Projects that sit are the most depressing thing. LOL. BTW another good stabilizer feature was a 1in stabilizer bar up front. It dramatically reduced body-roll, which may help on back-end feel. Another approach is throw a few bags feed or sack concrete in the back - a little weight goes a long way. haha
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    Rear suspension

    Would love to do this upgrade one day. Keep us updated once you get it installed and on the road.
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    1970 coupe

    Um...oops. I believe I'll use my moderator benefits and delete the last couple of posts :)

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