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    Better double...no! triple your insurance.
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    Thanks, wanted to try something different this time. Now I get to teach my daughter how to drive a stick tomorrow. Hope this doesn't fall into the White privilege category LOL.
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    Got all my anodized parts installed.
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    Best reproduction parts?

    Unless acc has changed something, their mass backed carpet is no denser than their standard crap carpet. It merely has a stronger backing on it. The best carpet was made by Distinctive Industries, but unfortunately they stopped making carpet so you are stuck with the crappy acc carpet.
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    SM69Mach, you sure have a purdy car. Here is mine What’s been done: frame off resto new interior 16x8 Vintage Wheel works V45s 4 wheel wilwood disk brakes with a MPB booster rebuilt engine with roller cam and ported Eddy RPM Performers and Air Gap (360 hp at the wheels) Magnaflow 2.5” exhaust with X pipe rebuilt C6 tranny with performance parts, “rollerized” needle bearings where possible, upgraded clutches, etc TCP manual rack and pinion Complete Global West Cat. 5 suspension Holly 4bbl carb that was sent to Jet Performance for a stage 3 conversion Reen Machine Halogen lights billet front grill currie 9” rear 3.73 gears detroit locker What’s to come next EPAS electric power steering ABS electric power brakes 408 stroker Digital guarddawg push button starter
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    Convertible Frame

    Time for a Road trip!
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    Grille and Grille cover installed. Just waiting on the carbon fiber for my console and she's DONE.
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    What is the"Vision" for your car?

    Hey TexasEd, I like your overall vision statement as mine is very similar with a bit of a lean towards the Pro-touring/Restomod vehicle. I wanted more modern drive and conveniences of a modern car, but had to keep the original body with some slight changes that don't stand out drastically, but to make it slightly different. A quick list of modern conveniences: Vintage Air AC Unisteer Power Steering Cobra Disc Brake upgrade FiTech FI TKO600 Transmission with Hydraulic Clutch Setup Upgraded Radio with Kicker Components Street or Track Upgrades Suspension TMI Covered Foxbodies in Mach 1 Upholstery 3 Point Front Seat belts LED tail lights and Halogen Headlights Body Changes: Removed 1/4 Panel Emblems Removed Trunk Letters Removed Rear Wing/Still need to add Front Spoiler Paint Whole Hood and Cowl Flat Black Paint Tail Panel Flat Black Painted on Side Stripe with Body Color Showing through for striping and MACH 1 lettering 17/18in Bullitt Wheel Combo

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