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    Fuel Neck Filler Mods?

    I guess you are not moving to an other state now.
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    This might help you.
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    1970 coupe

    LOTS of new parts! I do need a good though.
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    1970 coupe

    You've got a really good starting.point. Definitely a good looking color.
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    Fuel Neck Filler Mods?

    Doug, with your info I located a gas station that has pump handles that work. Thanks brother.
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    Wiper motor - rebuild or replace?

    Dog on it, I was slow in responding again. I was going to make the suggestion that the motor was not getting the full voltage. This actually could happen, just like the dim headlights on most of your cars. But if yours is working well, then it is getting full voltage. If there is 14 volts on the battery, there could be 11 volts at the wiper motor, which would cause it to run slow. I have not heard of this ever being a problem, but it could happen. In my car the voltage to the headlights was 11 volts when the battery was 14. So I added the headlight relay. My horn would not work because it was not getting enough voltage, so I added a horn relay. The wiper will be next? Congrats on yours, now move on to the other 6,234 problems.
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    Intake and lifter galley gap

    Are you describing a hand job? Hmmmm?
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    Made these brackets that you need when installing interior panels.
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    It's down on the ground, motor and tranny tomorrow.
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    1970 coupe

    LOTS of new parts! I do need a good though.
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    Ridge Runner

    70 Landau Coupe Special

    You have to do what you have to do do !
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    my 1969 project

    Race car is sleeping for the rest of the year... started back on this prepaint of the passenger door is done...some progress...wife is Happy.. bringing it back from the shell it was
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    Ridge Runner

    Roof skin tabs

    Trim them off
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    Replaced my old gauges with Dakota Digital RTX Vintage Series. Definitely and awesome product, super easy to calibrate on your phone.

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