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    Digital Voltage Regulator for gauges

    well I missed your age a little but I do have a son 54.
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    Mach1 Driver

    Digital Voltage Regulator for gauges

    Don't mess with the Big dog!
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    Put in a stealth kill switch. Hooked the MSD white wire to the cigarette lighter. Push in the lighter, the engine cranks but won't fire. (Mustang thieves don't read Mustang forums. DO they?) Fixed a rattle in the rear. Turns out it was the 3 light conversion for the tail light that was vibrating with the stereo. A bit of silicone sorted it out.
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    Digital Voltage Regulator for gauges

    You're just a young pup, Uncle Bob. Woof!
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    69 mach1 rear frame rail rust repair

    Even if you welded it to the lip like your thinking of it will more than likely cause the paint in the trunk to peel above it due to the heat from welding. I would just drill out the spot welds and replace it properly rather than try to do a patch job on something structural. Once you cut it out I’m sure the rust is worse than you can actually see as it usually always is. Depending on how your trunk is “finished” you can always have the paint matched and blend it and a trunk mat will cover it also.
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    That's a short cut I wouldn't even consider.
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    Anti-theft for these old classic cars?

    i use a wireless type system

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