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    I'm not sure that it will be a problem for his gauges. Converting to the 69 lamp circuit means replacing one of the pins on the dash cluster connector, but that then will really screw up the circuit card. That RUN-only line handles all of the indicator lamps, so there's some serious problems there. I could easily handle it with the hard-wired dash cluster harness, but that's expensive. By the way, Ford went back to the more standard configuration in the 1973 Mustang. suggesting that there were some issues found earlier.
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    Brian Conway

    Removing knobs from 69 clock

    Thanks for clearing that up. https://www.vintage-mustang.com/threads/69-mustang-clock-knob-removal.587881/ Brian
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    Top End Kit for 302 Small Block Ford

    MyStang, I had the same problem, I went with adjustable motor mounts to clear my Borgeson Box. I moved my engine about an inch to the passenger side, and it cleared the steering box. I am using shorty headers on a 351W/393 Stroker build. I also have the flat tappet cam with roller rocker setup, seems to run great.

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