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    Location for visor mounts?

    Perfect! Thanks guys. I could feel the larger hole for the pivot but wasn't exactly sure which direction the triangle pointed.
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    Fixed 69 mach1 clock

    Something like the picture below. I took a small rectangle plate and made a slit so it would fit under gear (with sprint pushed back). Then added a sheet rock screw to tip so point was small enough to press against gear post. It came out by twisting the gear puller by hand. To put it back on, you simply put a small socket over it and tap it with small hammer. see mustang360 article http://www.mustangandfords.com/how-to/interior-electrical/75658/photo-24.html
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    Fixed 69 mach1 clock

    hi bigmal, you have to pull the little gear off the clock wet pin (see photo). I used a ball joint puller and rigged it so it would fit the small gear. some people say to use long nose pliers but i was skeptical that I would break it.
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    Fixed 69 mach1 clock

    Hi Mal, mustang monthly did an article on how to strip down and repair clocks. It’s a 67/68 but the same principles. Just google it. I ended up doing mine a few years back with a new quartz movement.
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    Removing knobs from 69 clock

    Contrary to that thread link, the knobs just unscrew. Pull the shaft out to full extension, grip the shaft and unscrew the knob. Since you can buy new knobs, if the removal is really tough you can just grip the shaft with something and gorilla the plastic knob if necessary to unscrew it. Then use a new knob when you reassemble.
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    You guys are a riot! And don't forget to wear those tin-foil hats, OK?

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