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    Ridge Runner


    Never worked a day in their lives brainwashed kids .they can push people around but if you push back they scream brutality ,i say we bring in Mad Max ! I am locked and loaded ,no one is getting in here with out a fight
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    Ridge Runner


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    My buddys Shelby GT 350

    Went around to my mates place to see how his Shelby looked after he assembled it when we had finished the body and paint work. Car looks sensational.
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    69 R-code for sale

    Freshly restored Mach1 , R-code, 4-spd, Red with White interior. 3:50 trac-loc rear, Mag 500s $68500.00 nibrocpapa@gmail.com 540-809-0006
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    Ridge Runner

    Me first ! Its back !

    And dont go away again!
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    Ridge Runner


    Just added a red dot and laser to my 30 carbine ,i dont need to see in the dark ,what the light hits is not going to like it.
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    69 SuperCoupe

    Excellent, go for it. Beware though when welding, the housings galvanized.
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    Mach1 Driver

    Me first ! Its back !

    Yes its true. As mentioned earlier, this seems to happen about once a year. As a precaution I copy posts with information I don't want to loose into Word, print and file hard copies, then save them on my hard drive and backup drive. Also it is sometimes easier to search my drive than use the search feature here to find something. Well I wouldn't call it "easier", but sometimes more "successful". Never the less, I sure do miss the site when its down. Thanks BSWOR. BTW, my old machine recently died and I'm waiting for my replacement Dell to be delivered. So I'm well aware of computer failures and what it takes to restore what was temporarily lost. Its a hassle to say the least.
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    69 351W running issues

    I educated myself more and followed some of the advice on this thread and readjusted the valves. That seems to have been the issue. Haven't driven it yet, but the idle is now smoother and consistent, vacuum does not drop, and best of all I can put it in gear and it doesn't die.
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    EFI Conversion: it's ALIVE!

    I'll post more details once I get a chance to sit down and sort though things, however it's ALIVE after the first turn of the key. Inglese intake, Holley Terminator X ECU. I had to re-do the IAC wiring (the idle is a bit high in my first start-up video here) so my idle rpm and idle a/f are bang on. It's coil- for spark, so dual-sync distributor is next... hopefully link works: https://photos.app.goo.gl/pjxve7SniZCodY1X9
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    Strut rod bracket bushings?

    It would probably be better to post a pic. I went with adjustable strut rods on my 69 Coupe that eliminate the rubber bushings.
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    67 fastback

    Installed our cold air and the engine cover, did both pieces in matte clear.
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    67 fastback

    Might as well have a polished MTF tank :)
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    Ridge Runner

    I Need To Vent

    Actually happened to a friend a couple of years ago, tried to open his storage unit and the lock had been replaced ,he lost everything for his 65 fast back . I think they replaced the cut lock so it wouldnt look suspicious with a lock missing
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    Rich Ackermann

    I Need To Vent

    I am very sorry to hear this and feel your pain. It turns my stomach to think that this could happen. I also, can identify with your over 60 thoughts... well put. In my case i am 62 and dealing with a progressive medical issue and wonder every day if I will remain healthy enough over the next few years to finish my car and drive it. It may be a little too late, but I strongly suggest... You should check the storage facility and your local police and find out if there were any other reported thefts at that facility during that period. If not then, your unit was potentially targeted and not just picked at a random. That might help you narrow down who the perpetrator might be. Keep an eye out locally on facebook for someone posting about the "new" TKO trans and suspension parts, or on craiglist for sale. Call your insurance company and ask if your policy would cover your belongings if you stored them outside the home and inside a storage unit. Ask to be directed to that part of your policy and read it in detail. See if there are any items the current policy won’t cover. typically cash and jewelry are not covered by tenant insurance, for instance. Find out if you need to take out a separate rider on your current policy and what that will cost you per month to cover your unit. Finally, change units. The thief now knows where to find your stuff and add the rest of you valuable stuff to you homeowners or tenant insurance policy.
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    Stuck in the garage and wating to go

    Nice pair.

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