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    Rebuilt 351W Startup

    Wow what a day! We started the car and broke in the engine using Barnett’s check list. Worked great. Thanks. Hearing it fire for the first time was intoxicating and resulted in high fives and hugs from my son. Can’t fabricate those memories for sure! IMG_7306.MOV
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    Mike65's 69 Coupe build

    It was a beautiful day today so I pit the Mustang up on ramps in the rear & jack stands in the front & proceeded to clean off the undercoating where the sub frame connectors are going to weld to. Drivers side, Passengers side,
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    three point seatbelt install

    I think this is the way I will be going on my 65FB, no need to cut up the inner sill. Not sure if the 69FB will have the same option, will look at that once I get to restoration stage.

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