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    69 351W running issues

    I'm curious to see if you can get it tuned and running good with the current combination or ultimately a cam change will be needed. A Holley 700 CFM mechanical secondary carb Holley list 4778-8 runs good on my mild 351W motor. A 650 CFM Holley mechanical secondary carb, list 4777, is a little more crisp but it seems to pull harder in mid-range with the 700.
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    no bending, they fit well. Been so long now but I seem to remember 2 studs that I threaded.
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    I got mine a few years ago on ebay, can't remember who the seller was. I think rechroming the originals would be better for a concours or special car.
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    69 Coupe Aussie Style Restomod

    Yeah! My son Patrick was a couple of days old when I sold you those tyres. He's turning 6 in August!! The kids have caused a couple of side projects too
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    Projects pending pandemic

    Not directly Mustang related but it stores a mustang so there's that. I've been wanting to have a nice finished garage ever since we built out house 15 years ago so I finally got off my duff and did it. All new paint top to bottom, new cabinets, big screen TV, and professionally done floors. Couldn't be happier with the results. Now I make my wife take her shoes off when she come in it from the house Mustang related I've installed an electric trunk release, retrosound stereo, chased squeaks and rattles, had the exhaust reworked.... Been a product season for me.
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    67 fastback

    Yeah, I hear that all time. I guess I'm more interested in making friends than money LOL.

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