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    Okay I am looking for honest feedback here..... The chrome on my taillight bezels is cracked and pitted. Can't find nice originals for a decent price and repros are about $70 a piece, so I decided to do something with the crappy ones I have. Having them re-chromed is out, and chrome paint looks, well like paint and not chrome. I kind of like the Boss all black look, but I am not building a boss. Trying to stay close to a Mach I look with the wide rocker moldings and the black honey comb tail panel. So I decade to try painting them black (Boss like), but then bring in the body color to ascent the three light portals and break up the all black look. So here is the result... You won't hurt my feelings if you don't like them or think they look cheap. Honest opinions are what I am after....
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    RandyatBBY's 1970 Sportsroof

    I am doing catch up on some of these threads....From the July 26 Post... "What does the bracket look like that mounts the calipers ? I just picked up the disks and the calipers but the mounting bracket is gone "
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    1970 Boss 302 Street/Touring Build Blog

    Getting the blog caught up on lots of goings on in the shop. http://1970boss302.blogspot.com/2020/03/catching-up-2019-into-2020.html
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    RandyatBBY's 1970 Sportsroof

    From a few post ago, pictures of the Mustang Steve Rear Brakes on my 9" rear..... I cut my mounting plates so I could move them around after I installed them. In the end, I had to rotate the calipers off of horizontal to avoid interferences with my panhard bar hardware.

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