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    3 Questions vey important to me

    Sam, welcome back good to hear from you again. The radio comes out as was described above. I recommend contacting member danno on the forum, he did a mp-3 conversion on a factory am/fm radio for me. It looks stock on the front & the extra wiring comes out the back. I drilled a small hole in the plastic glove box liner & put the input wire for the conversion in the glove box so when I get around to using it I will plug the mp-3 player in & leave it in the glove box & it looks stock from the front.
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    69 Fastback Rocker Panel Moldings

    The repops I bought from CJ didn’t have the right curvature for the front fender, so ended up putting on slightly scratched originals I found at a swap meet.
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    Pass side fender wanted

    found it, says you have 3. do you have a really clean one that wont need much especially after its media blasted. BTW, love your tag line that says Chevy Sucks :-)

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