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    Ignition kill switch with key

    There was a lock-out rod for the 1970 4-Speed too … had to be in reverse (IIRC) to be able to remove the key. I'd guess the base 3-Speed likely had the lock-out rod too, but can't say for sure. Doug
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    69 coupe build

    Back to making a few mods to the 69 ... been a while but... a Holley Sniper EFI setup has been installed. so i have a mighty Demon 750 annular carb for sale. I will be moving to the Holley dualsync distributor and Digital6+ at a later date. The dualsync /Digital6+ will replace my Mallory MaxFire distributor and coil setup. Currently the Holley Sniper EFI is running great, one of the best mods i have ever done.
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    Borgeson PS pressure reduction

    Hey guy, About a year ago I converted my manual steering and factory suspension to Borgeson Power Steering with all Global West suspension. It's a rougher ride, but handles so much better. That's not the point. The point is the steering was so fast now that I couldn't feel the road at all. If I just tap the wheel it's going into the other lane. I've heard about this "Pressure Reduction Kit" you can do to slow down the steering, but everyone I asked said they don't know. Then I called some distributors and they said it's only for a R & P. I don't have a Rack. So, I said screw it I'm going to try it anyway. The kit is super straight forward. I only used 2 "shims" which reduced it from 1350psi to 1100psi and I LOVE IT! The steering is night and day so much better! I probably could've gone to 1000psi. My other car is an AMG, so I'm used to a tight sporty feel and this reduction kit got me closer to feeling like that! I just wanted to share in case anyone else doesn't like how fast their Borgeson steering is and wants to tighten it up! If you need any pointers don't hesitate. If I'm giving super outdated info...I apologize. I've been under a rock for 2yrs (raising my Little One!).

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