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    @1969_Mach1 Ended up ordering the wheels from Summit. They beat out CJPony price and delivery. The tires were ordered from Discount Tire Direct. CJPony did have best price on center caps and lug nuts though.
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    I finally placed my order for new wheels and tires. I ordered Specialty Magnum 500 from Summit with 235/60 on 15x7 for the front and 245/60 on 15x8 for the rear. I orignally wanted to go 15x8 all around but a combination of hearing there could be fit issues with 15x8 on the front and that it just looks better staggered got me to this point. I'm getting Cooper Cobras from Discount Tire Direct. This will probably blow my car budget for 2019 and since it is ready to drive other than wheels and tires I am pretty excited.
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    69 Vert project

    You just can't beat a tranny Jack. Wished I had one years ago before I blew my lower back out :(
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    Slip yoke to trans clearance?

    From what I have read the driveshaft has to be from a 2WD Explorer.
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    69 Vert project

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    Slip yoke to trans clearance?

    I don't know about the 4x4 either but I'm thinking the 4x4 rear drive shaft is a little shorter.
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    Slip yoke to trans clearance?

    My DS came from a 2 door 1996. Don't know if it matters.
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    69 mach 408w build

    and you'll have to laugh at this. all I could read from underneath was what I thought was the word "DRY".

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