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    Some of the sheetmetal just arrived. Decided to go with Dynacorn's "Weldthru Primer" version. Still waiting on a few more on back order, then I can get started. We will see how well it fits. Already had a NOS OEM RH inner fender apron.
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    Intake By-Pass Tube Size - C5AE9425C

    Watch out Bob, all us Coupes are taking over the forum. LOL.
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    Question for RPM

    Still awaiting word from my bud, who's waiting on a dealer rep to call. He did say that Haddad bought it in 1973, unknown if Urner had the Dodge dealership in addition to the Chrysler Plymouth store. My bud was a bit fired up, and I know he'll get back. He drove a 70 Charger in the mid 70's, and said to me, maybe it's mine! Ya, no.
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    Craig from New Zealand

    That's our MTF bumper. We started making them 5 years ago. This came about when a customer furnished us one from the only company at the time making them. After spending close to 40 hours to make it fit, we decided to make our own. That's pretty much how we end up making new parts.
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    Ridge Runner

    Question for RPM

    You spelled Anheuser wrong ,and most people just call it Budweiser !
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    Question for RPM

    Sure...blame your Alzheimer's on a couple of concussions. We all know better.
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    Here is one of the photos i posted before. Look carefully at the bottom image as it might be hard to see what it is depicting. If one has driveshaft angles like this, i will definitely cause a vibration. This is the last example in my post above that I was trying to explain. The driveshaft must always be downhill more than the trans AND uphill more than the diff, or vise versa.
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    Never put an old windshield back in a new restore ,you will see what looks like it has been sand blasted and you will not be happy with it

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