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    Happy 50th

    My 69 Coupe's 50th will be 11/26/18. I was hoping to have it running for the occasion, but that will not happen.
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    Happy 50th

    They usually start building "next year's models" around July or August. For example, I heard a radio ad today enticing me to go buy a 2019 RAM pickup.
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    3pt Belts for 70 FB

    To add to the mix, I chose the Scott Drake belts due to the similarity with the factory deluxe belt buckles. However, I really did not like the idea of having the exposed retractor reel on the floor behind the seat. I ended up fabricating a bracket for the rear bulkhead inside the fiberglass rear quarter trim panels. From there I had to cut a slot in the rear armrest area for the belt to pass into the interior. I finished off the slot with a trim piece off of a Corvette. Looks like a factory stock installation to the casual observer and no retractor on the floor.

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