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    decided to make a frame jig

    I really LOVE my new chop saw, it is nothing like that abrasive blade junk. cuts through steel like it were Balsa wood ( also cuts wood ) the only downside is the chunk shavings it shoots out really hurt!
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    JamieK's 1969 fastback restomod

    Cool project. Going to be a fun ride with that motor in it. Looking forward to updates.
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    JamieK's 1969 fastback restomod

    Hard to beat a good looking 69 fastback :)
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    JamieK's 1969 fastback restomod

    Very nice. I will be watching this thread.
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    Good Guys Mighty Mustang Award

    I attended Good Guys this weekend, albeit only on Sunday because I got rained out on Saturday. It was a good time even with so few cars compared to Saturdays. At least the lines and crowds were down. Even did a few parade laps on the track. When I got back to my car I actually ended up getting the 'Mighty Mustang' award for the show. I guess the judges troll around the cars looking for candidates. No big award or anything but I got a plaque and did a drive by in front of the little stage. Fun twist.

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