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    Guys, we pride ourselves on keeping a polite and respectful site. Differences of opinion are normal and to be expected but please don't make it personal. If you want to continue discussing A/C options, I'm all for it. If it degenerates into more bickering I'll lock the thread and we'll all move on. We're all here to learn from each other.
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    Yes, I have those pins. They are still commercially available from electronic supply houses, but buying only a dozen or so from them will be expensive due to shipping! I can pop them in a standard envelope for less. Be aware that you need a special crimping tool, though...and crimping double wires is almost impossible with hand tools.
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    I rebuilt my under dash A/C box and replaced the evaporator and heater core with parts from NPD. I purchased the Classic Air/Original Air 69-70 Mustang/Cougar A/C Compressor Upgrade Kit V8 STAGE-1, which did not include the condenser or expansion valve. This kit is $499. They also offer a 69-70 Mustang/Cougar A/C Performance Upgrade Kit V8 STAGE-2 kit that includes the condenser, Sight Glass Hose, and expansion valve. This kit is $799. I got the Stage 1 kit and shopped around for the other parts and got them for less than the cost of the Stage 2 kit. I see they offer a satin black compressor for an additional $75. Get a can of satin spray paint for less than $7. Along with the compressor, I also painted all the nuts and bolts. Test fitting before painting all the parts. After Almost finished
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    It would appear that Barney is ready to instruct the WHOLE world that technology NOT used since the early 1970's is superior to Everything produced since that time - (Yawn)... There is a very good reason that technology is over 40 years old... It is NOT as efficient as more modern AC compressors! We all know about your 45 year history working on cars and no matter how many times you repeat that, it doesn't seem to make you any more intelligent, now does it? You want to know just who the WE was in 69ShelbyGT350H's post? If you would have bothered to read some of the links he posted to the OP you just may have noticed his information came verbatim from Vintage Air and their interesting and ACCURATE page of information and descriptions on all types of modern and vintage AC Compressors... You may, and probably will disagree, but I'm pretty certain that Vintage Air has a LOT more Experience and Knowledge collectively than you ever will have on this subject, and their experience and knowledge is largely based on our vintage cars. Hey, NOBODY knows everything and even YOU still have a chance to learn new stuff! (perhaps like Diesel Trucks... LOL) Please stop trying to berate EVERY person on these forums who happens to have a different opinion than you, many of them come on here with experience and knowledge of their own and are just trying to help others... Please try to remember. Even with your "45" years of "Experience", your viewpoint is just YOUR Opinion, just like everyone else who tries to help others. And yes, your replies are often very informative and have helped many on these forums and is greatly appreciated, but when you go off on people you make this forum a less enjoyable experience than it is supposed to be... I have to take meds for my anxiety, perhaps you would feel better if you did too!!! :) Moderators, please take note...
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    I am pretty positive that isn't a correct Silver Jade, and I can see why you didn't like it (it looks like Grabber Green to me). When Silver Jade is done correctly it looks pretty good to most people. Coincidentally, I have both a Silver Jade & a Black Jade Mach 1. Here they are beside each other, and the picture makes the Black Jade car look a lot darker than it actually is.
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    Gauge cluster

    WOW … never seen this !! Got to be the closest to stock appearing option I've seen yet, nice find. As you said you need to ask for every option, wonder if you could get the blueish tinted background (instead of black) that deluxe dash clusters had to make it appear even more stock with the woodgrain. Minor thing that only a '69-70 Mustang nut would notice. Even the font used on the speedo & tach looks very similar to what was used on a standard black dash cluster. Doug
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    Here is Mike sandblasting front fenders and engine bay. We got it rust sealed before shutting down work for a few months as I recover from ankle replacement surgery!!
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    Mike and I were able to get the car on the rotisserie today. He thought that was pretty cool!!!

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