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    Gauge cluster

    A slightly different approach, autometer gauges in original cluster. The outside gauges have an extra globe added for turn signals and high beam is also a seperate globe. Not for everyone, but it works well
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    Gauge cluster

    WOW … never seen this !! Got to be the closest to stock appearing option I've seen yet, nice find. As you said you need to ask for every option, wonder if you could get the blueish tinted background (instead of black) that deluxe dash clusters had to make it appear even more stock with the woodgrain. Minor thing that only a '69-70 Mustang nut would notice. Even the font used on the speedo & tach looks very similar to what was used on a standard black dash cluster. Doug
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    Gauge cluster

    I went with Nu Vintage Gauges. They look great but you need to ask for every little thing. I started out with the 68 gauges that look period correct. I asked for the led lights, turn signal indicators and bright light indicator along with the spun center silver discs. I wish i would have asked for some florescence needles because the stock ones are hard to see. Also ask for the correct fuel sending unit resistance Fuel gauge. They sent me the wrong one and I had to send the gauge back. I don't remember what the stock sending unit resistance so you will have to figure that out before you orded them.

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