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    Got mine from Amazon, Krylon K09902A00 Leafing Pens, Silver.33 Ounce https://www.amazon.com/Krylon-K09902A00-Leafing-Silver-33-Ounce/dp/B00448INW6/
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    Thanks again for your comments, appreciated, so the general consensus is keep original or respray the same color.
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    Gauge cluster

    I went with Nu Vintage Gauges. They look great but you need to ask for every little thing. I started out with the 68 gauges that look period correct. I asked for the led lights, turn signal indicators and bright light indicator along with the spun center silver discs. I wish i would have asked for some florescence needles because the stock ones are hard to see. Also ask for the correct fuel sending unit resistance Fuel gauge. They sent me the wrong one and I had to send the gauge back. I don't remember what the stock sending unit resistance so you will have to figure that out before you orded them.
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    Gauge cluster

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    After removing from the dash, there are 3 pins holding the rear ring on. Using a flat chisel, I carefully tapped the rear ring off the pins. On re-assembly I tapped the rear ring back onto the pins, then used a punch to spread the pins back out to make sure they held securely. My 2nd vent actually had the pins replaced with 3 small screws, there were remnants of the pins still. I never knew anyone had my dash apart before.
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    Grandpa's Mustang

    Looks like you are running a few months behind my build. View my build photo album by clicking on the image
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    Grandpa's Mustang

    Great progress.
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    What's the best colour for my 69 Mach 1?

    What about Indian fire? :-)
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    You could paint my 69 ,say gulfstream aqua ...just to see if you like the color ,if you liked it then you could paint yours and you would know what you were going to get
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    Tough call. There aren't a lot of '69 Mustangs still wearing their original paint and that 50-year-old patina has a certain charm. OTOH, it's hard to argue against the incredible mirror-finish of a fresh, modern two-stage paint job. If it was me (and it isn't), while I kinda like the cherry red, I'd probably keep the black jade.

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