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    Electric/Electronic E-Brake

    I found a way to design some cup holders that did not require me to eliminate the parking brake handle in the center console.
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    Custom Center Console 69Coupe

    11/20/2017 CCC UPDATE They say the 3rd times a charm. Well I agree. Very happy with my newly designed center console. One thing I could not do was incorporate some cup holders into the existing frame work, so Mich'l, my beautiful wife and I brainstormed a bit and she came up with the cup holder design you see in the photos. Great idea!! No more cold water bottles between the legs on long cruses. The cup holder fits snug enough yet can be put away during car shows. The 4 way stretch vinyl was easy to work with and the adhesive the real deal. She's already for next weekends AmeriCarna Live Car Show in North Carolina. Last car show for the year for me.
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    ~ 1969 windshield depth .......

    3M part #8509.
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    Thanks, I think Pick and pull would be cheaper than the fuel to come down there... I'm hoping I find something local, although the thought of 4 doughnut spares is at least low rolling resistance...
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    Is this raceway still going

    Hey cavboy. Thank you for your service, you have no idea how much I appreciate it. I owe you for that brother. If you need parts, want to see some racing, or need a cold beer, always welcome down here in Charlotte. My cousin still has his '56 T Bird. Met him in Carlisle, Pa for the Ford show last summer, brought my '68, had a blast. Regards, Vic
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    Here is the dash this morning. I think it looks awesome. Now I need to decide whether I want/need the gauge bezel to be metallic as well...
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    Oh, my repro auto shifter bezel is chrome with black, and repro radio bezel is brown with a chromed trim and a woodgrain sticker over the brown? I'll have to check that brown thing. Make sure you use a Laquer spray for the dark metallic charcoal such as NPD has. https://www.npdlink.com/store/products/mustang_interior_paint_spray_lacquer-107611-2978.html

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