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    70 Mach1 tilt problem

    Also, here is a video of them repairing one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hXJF6hmM8w
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    70 Mach1 tilt problem

    If it helps at all, West Coast Cougar specializes in restoring these tilt/tilt-away column's, and they might be worth a call if you can't figure this out: http://www2.cougarpartscatalog.com/
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    70 Mach1 tilt problem

    My 69/70 Exploded View Illustrated Manual shows the same part for fixed and tilt steering columns. No notes for it being different for a 69 or 70.
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    New MSD Distributor Help

    Are you using a full 12 volt supply to your MSD? If you are still using the original ignition wire it is a resistance wire and will not give you a full 12 volts, this can cause the symptoms you describe as well. Either run a new feed wire from your ignition switch, or use the original ignition wire as the activating trigger for a relay and run your ignition from that.
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    Rust remover

    oxalic acid works 10 times better and it costs around 10 times less.
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    Fastback interior sail panels

    cool thanks ! May I ask How much and How do I ordered them? I Live in South Carolina.
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    PSA...do not use AVIS rental cars

    there are a few rules i always follow when traveling: 1. Never fly into/out of Chicago. 2. when making reservations make a separate folder with information about everything. this includes names and ID# of people i talk to. 3. If someone in the business im spending money on starts being a dick, i record it and make sure HQ gets a copy. but i also make sure to go out of my way to let HQ know if a member was very helpful.

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