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    Mach1 Driver

    Car Won't Start

    Its my fault for not asking for the complete picture BEFORE giving advice. I often assume people know more than they do. When I was 10, I had a pretty good understanding of how electrical things worked and hot wired my Dad's car just to see if I could. I didn't want to drive it- and I never told him. A friend asked why I didn't just make another key- and I never understood that attitude. Electrical stuff was cool and I guess that's why I became an electrical engineer. I've had a Snickers bar and am back to my old self...that's my old grouchy self. I'll help when I can, but stay off my lawn ;)
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    Craig from New Zealand

    It's getting there.
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    Craig from New Zealand

    Getting closer.
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    I believe they are called frame bolts ,they sort of have a taperd end where they thread in . They are the same thread as a fender bolt and if you are not worried about being original you can use a fender bolt
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    Lower Radiator hose spring

    I dont know why none of the hoses come without a spring in the hose anymore. the rubber is no stronger and probably softer than before, so i doubt technology will be there for us when it collapses and overheats. So in case you cant find one ( like me) here is how i made mine in 2 min. 3/32 stainless steel tig wire 1" black pipe and vise grips/ Problem solved! Pics are out of order, but you get the point,
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    Turn indicator turns on with dash lights

    That doesn't work for side marker lights for 70's, as there is no ground for them: they use running lights/turn signals as the two leads. CV: plug back everything in and start removing bulbs one at a time: somewhere there's a bulb causing lines to cross. Once the bulb is out that fixes the problem, then that socket is where the problem is.
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    If I knew how much data the site uses I could probably figure out a rough estimate of what it would cost to host in AWS or Azure. I hate the idea of losing so much knowledge on a forum like this one. I don't know how much money the site brings in from ads but I would guess it would not be enough to pay for it's own virtual machine.
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    Craig from New Zealand

    Craig didn't want any subwoofers in the back or even a Amp :( He just likes the sound of the motor.
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    Issue with running rich

    all pumps have to be rubber mounted or they will be noisy. summit racing has some pumps that are advertised as being quiet. but i don't have the info in this computer. it is in my other one that died.
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    Alternator questions

    Get it tested dont you want to know for sure that’s the issue before spending money
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    Craig from New Zealand

    Front is done :)
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    Ignition kill switch with key

    There was a lock-out rod for the 1970 4-Speed too … had to be in reverse (IIRC) to be able to remove the key. I'd guess the base 3-Speed likely had the lock-out rod too, but can't say for sure. Doug
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    My Son Mike's 69 Mach 1 Restoration

    We finished removing and welding a new roof skin to replace the one with 50 drilled holes and bondo stalagtites hanging from the ceiling. Mike was excited initially as he had a temporary sunroof!
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    Dash is complete. Assembled it today. Tested it out. All good. If the gauges don’t work now, it’s something else.
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    Craig from New Zealand

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    Craig from New Zealand

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    1 Wire Alternator

    you get rid of all of it. cap off any wires coming from the ignition switch that go to the stator. yellow wire to bat terminal on alt, white wire goes to single terminal on top of alt, green wire really not used but goes to "Alt" dash light. of course, run the 4ga battery cable to the battery.
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    Craig from New Zealand

    Front end is coming along.
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    Aaaand... it’s wired. Good news! Dash lights aren’t shorting to ground! Branching the grounds and dash light power took forever... I started on it at around 5pm and finished around 10pm. Breaks in there, but not many. @Midlife buddy... you aren’t charging enough!
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    Craig from New Zealand

    All hands on deck to make the deadline :)
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    69 coupe build

    Back to making a few mods to the 69 ... been a while but... a Holley Sniper EFI setup has been installed. so i have a mighty Demon 750 annular carb for sale. I will be moving to the Holley dualsync distributor and Digital6+ at a later date. The dualsync /Digital6+ will replace my Mallory MaxFire distributor and coil setup. Currently the Holley Sniper EFI is running great, one of the best mods i have ever done.
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    Borgeson PS pressure reduction

    Hey guy, About a year ago I converted my manual steering and factory suspension to Borgeson Power Steering with all Global West suspension. It's a rougher ride, but handles so much better. That's not the point. The point is the steering was so fast now that I couldn't feel the road at all. If I just tap the wheel it's going into the other lane. I've heard about this "Pressure Reduction Kit" you can do to slow down the steering, but everyone I asked said they don't know. Then I called some distributors and they said it's only for a R & P. I don't have a Rack. So, I said screw it I'm going to try it anyway. The kit is super straight forward. I only used 2 "shims" which reduced it from 1350psi to 1100psi and I LOVE IT! The steering is night and day so much better! I probably could've gone to 1000psi. My other car is an AMG, so I'm used to a tight sporty feel and this reduction kit got me closer to feeling like that! I just wanted to share in case anyone else doesn't like how fast their Borgeson steering is and wants to tighten it up! If you need any pointers don't hesitate. If I'm giving super outdated info...I apologize. I've been under a rock for 2yrs (raising my Little One!).
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    JET 445

    Rust Repair, Lower Rear QTR Panel?

    Only patch as much as you have to, as the other guys said they are not stamped that well but with a bit of work you can make them look good.
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    Rich Ackermann

    Fastback inner rockers

    I have only replaced an inner rocker in my 73 vert. It was a lot of work and a lot of spot welds. They were not from Dynacorn and were three pieces welded together. On a 73 vert you have to use coupe/fastback floors which required modification to the lip on the outer edge. I am now replacing the floor pan in my 70 Mach and was planning to use SFCs, but now you have me thinking. Look forward to following this thread closely.
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    Mustang Golden 50th Birthdays

    Mine is the 2nd June next year. My wife gets annoyed that I remember the mustang's birthday and not hers. They get like that.