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    Been away from here for a while, but finished up the interior this weekend
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    Replaced my old gauges with Dakota Digital RTX Vintage Series. Definitely and awesome product, super easy to calibrate on your phone.
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    EFI Conversion: it's ALIVE!

    I'll post more details once I get a chance to sit down and sort though things, however it's ALIVE after the first turn of the key. Inglese intake, Holley Terminator X ECU. I had to re-do the IAC wiring (the idle is a bit high in my first start-up video here) so my idle rpm and idle a/f are bang on. It's coil- for spark, so dual-sync distributor is next... hopefully link works: https://photos.app.goo.gl/pjxve7SniZCodY1X9
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    Mike65's 69 Coupe build

    It was a beautiful day today so I pit the Mustang up on ramps in the rear & jack stands in the front & proceeded to clean off the undercoating where the sub frame connectors are going to weld to. Drivers side, Passengers side,
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    finally got the engine painted and fully installed. New header studs and gaskets. Headers and poly engine mounts installed and everything bolted down. Next up, running the engine bay wiring harness.
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    Projects pending pandemic

    Yes, all new. It's just up the road a few miles, outside the city limits. Pretty close to swapping the building's square feet for house square feet. Existing house 2800 sf., 1500 sf. building. Going to build a 1500+ sf. house and a 2400 sf. metal building. (40 x 60). No subdivision, no city taxes, lots and lots of grass, much better.
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    Taking advantage of being at home. Decided to tidy up the rear end. I still have to replace the brake lines when I have some tube. This has been bugging me since I got it. With the new rubbers all the squeaks in the rear are finally gone.
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    Projects pending pandemic

    Not directly Mustang related but it stores a mustang so there's that. I've been wanting to have a nice finished garage ever since we built out house 15 years ago so I finally got off my duff and did it. All new paint top to bottom, new cabinets, big screen TV, and professionally done floors. Couldn't be happier with the results. Now I make my wife take her shoes off when she come in it from the house Mustang related I've installed an electric trunk release, retrosound stereo, chased squeaks and rattles, had the exhaust reworked.... Been a product season for me.
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    Projects pending pandemic

    It's easy to tell a Redneck, their garage is always bigger than their house LOL.
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    Long weekend for us....bit the bullet and fitted up a new quarter skin, went for a butt weld all the way around rather than flange it. Used some marking out dye and a scribe to lay it out them a sanding disc to get the gaps nice. I think there is only about 500 little welds to do and it will be solid steel.
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    OK, this is freaky !

    We need to get the virus otherwise none will be immune. Id rather get it now at 55 than in 10 years and risk death
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    351C Cleveland fluids and tank questions

    This is a friendly forum. Roger has never been anything but friendly, and replied with friendly advice.
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    I Need To Vent

    You may want to talk to a lawyer just to see if you have any recourse with the facility. I'm sure you signed an agreement that says "the owner of the facility assumes no liability" but there is such a thing as "reasonable expectations". It is reasonable to expect a storage facility to be secure against fire and theft, etc.
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    reviving this ancient thread as Covid-19 restrictions here in the NY/NJ area has finally allowed me time to work on the mustang. The little free time i've had in the last year has been mostly spent doing home renovations, motorcycle track days, and some work on the newest addition to the stable: But anyhow, back to the mustang. Spent the last few weeks working to correct a lot of the crappy work the shop did. Ended up fabricating new engine mounts and transmission crossmember, fitted JBA shorty headers, installed a new intake and did a light port on the throttle body, modified the sn95 pedal cluster to fit using a 1969 brake pedal and clearancing the cowl to allow the quadrant to clear, rebuilt the door hinges, fixed some small rust holes in the inner cowls on both sides, and fabricated an air cleaner to fit a 2004 mach 1 shaker scoop and seal on the 2000 Lincoln continental intake manifold. pedal assembly had to cut the cowl a bit for the quadrant to clear door hinges engine mounts - had to raise the engine a bit and move it slightly forward for the headers to clear and the transmission to clear the tunnel while maintaining proper driveline angle. Transmission mount Had to modify the trans tunnel for the shifter opening (was an auto) so cut it for clearance, notched andboxed in the trans tunnel support, and patched the opening. Shaker assembly - wanted to use a late model shaker but didn't want the entire mess of the stock airbox in the engine bay (also, not daily driving this thing so not worried about monsoons) so fabricated a mid plate to bolt to the 2004 Mach 1 shaker top and sandwich the late model shaker seal. Using a K&N filter that measures about 9.5x11.65" pardon the trashed hood - have a dynacorn flat hood to go on but didn't want to cut the shaker hole until I knew if I could actually pull off this airbox idea so tossed on the junk 70 hood I had laying around with the shaker hole already cut. Have to repaint the engine and some of the engine bay and sort out the hydroboost fitment, but hoping to get started on wiring and plumbing shortly.
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    a friend of mine, who loves photography took pictures of my car. looks pretty good!
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    Ridge Runner

    Need help w a steering box pls

    I dont know what this lock down thing is ,i have been every where in the last couple of months ,had more work than the last two years ! The only thing i notice is a bunch of people wearing masks for some reason ,and giving me dirty looks because i wasnt wearing one
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    My Son Mike's 69 Mach 1 Restoration

    Kudos to a great feeling!
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    My 69 Shelby GT350

    I’m keeping all the original parts I take off the GT350
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    Well spent some time this weekend getting the trunk back together and installed Vintage LED's Tail lights at that same time. MUCH brighter and very nice product. Still have the back up lights and front turn signals to install too. 20200523_112043.mp4
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    Suggestions ? Shelby/Arning drop and tire/wheel size are two variables that affect length. A field measurement from your car would give you a better approximation ? Upper control arm mounting saddle and the distance to the frame rail mounting area would give you a better idea of over all length. Brian
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    351W Trouble

    Just an update. Checked all the wires and replaced plugs. Must have had one breaking down. Instantly started running better but still a bit sluggish When punching it or climbing a hill. Checked the base timing at idle and was about 9-1/2 BTDC. Looked at my old setup notes And noticed I had base timing at 12. Changed the timing and bang, the torque and pull at the top end returned. Maybe the distributor was not tight and vibrated around a bit not sure? Thanks for everyone’s input. Rick
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    Yes I use them. I agree they are a bit of a pain to get positioned. I do feel using them is saving wear and tear on my suspension parts. So worth the extra effort. Brian
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    Preserving/Maintaining Cast From Rust

    I'm not a fan of the por15 rust preventative paints or chassis paints, but these detail paints are fantastic. Cast grey is the best out of the three options as the stainless and aluminum versions have a slight sheen (similar to the duplicolor cast paints). The cast iron grey on the other hand has a matte finish that really does look pretty close to raw cast iron.
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    Saw that this morning ,i have them but i dont use them to crawl under a car ,my lift is for that
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    Morgans 69 Mustang

    Found the tag that was on the wiring. All Ford! Will clean it up and put it back on the harness.
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    67 fastback

    This wouldn't be the case with this guy, he's a friend that loves working on cars and building companies up, he's not really looking for a return on his investment. He's offered several times to invest in MTF.
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    Definitely worth it. Only thing I wish it had was the running horse when the high beam goes on
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    69 Coupe Aussie Style Restomod

    Hi Paul, life got got a little busy with other things for a while. Some pandemic roster changes and the kids being a little older and self sufficient got me motivated to get going again!
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    parkerizing will leave it a dark color and it can still rust. the high temp cast iron paint you brush on then bake is one of the better deals.
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    Jay, I've been doing my own searching on this, just wanted some input from others. I sent my booster out to be rebuilt, told them to leave it bare metal. I will be painting it with SPI black epoxy which is not affected by brake fluid. In fact, I will be painting my whole engine bay in SPI black epoxy. Do a search on it if you question it. Looks like the best thing for the master cylinder may be an Eastwood product: https://www.eastwood.com/eastwood-brake-gray-aerosol.html?SRCCODE=PLA00020&msclkid=e1e066df4428197d7c9f386e346eb8f7 I may paint my factory calipers with a caliper paint, not sure what I will do with the other suspension components. I did purchase a coating off Amazon call Fluid Film for some steering components. Seems to have good ratings. Not sure though that I want to crawl under there ever so often and spray those parts. You can see it here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008T8CXGY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 If anyone else has thoughts and contributions to this, I'd like to hear ya?
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    Rob’s 1969 Mach 1

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    Fuel gauge issues and adjustments

    That is a good picture you found Mach1 Driver. Looks like the adjustments change the sweep angle of the needle, and the needle position at full and empty.
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    Checking in

    73 Hater!
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    Master Cylinder

    I buy the parts I expect to replace later on vehicles I don't plan to sell from Autozone as they have life time warranty. I recently bought a Duralast fan clutch and it was made in USA; this does not mean all their parts are made in USA. Get their new MC not the rebuild one as the rebuild one I put on my Bronco in 2009 leaked this year and Autozone replaced it. This time I paid the difference and got the new one. Other parts stores also sell parts with life time warranty.
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    Fuel gauge issues and adjustments

    The gauges really don't change in their basic design; only how they fasten to the dash cluster housing. Well I'll be damned! I looked at a 69 fuel gauge, and sure enough, there are two small holes, and barely sticking out below them is a white cogged wheel. It does take a fair amount of force to move the cog.
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    Bedliner is done.
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    I'The 69-70 headliners are larger than the 65-68 so they require a larger sheet of ABS to make, hence the higher cost. ABS will also last a lot longer than soft fiberglass with no change of separation between the suede and the backing. I've explained numerous times the cost to ship and of our headliners is 200.00, but we absorb 150.00 of it. This is considered oversized, recently the freight company says their wider than the scanners allow and have tried to charge us an additional 1,000.00 on top of the 200.00. Keep in mind TMI has next to nothing in the cost of their headliners, and dealers cost is only 130.00.
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    We install all our headliners with Hush Mat on the roof first, the we use a high grade of 1/2 thich carpet padding glued to the Hush Mat. This will make a huge difference.
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    Interior Pieces for the Fastback

    Ya, I was flummoxed on the price, until I installed it. Imo, since I'm 6' 2-1/4" it's the only way for me from now on. I can't say enough good things about MTF headliners and their people on the phones. The MTF headliner is not insulated. I put 2 layers of self stick stuff on the roof.
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    Stuck in the garage and wating to go

    Impressive rigs.
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    351C Cleveland fluids and tank questions

    My apologies! I was in the wrong, not you sirs! I took it the wrong way and have been cringing about it ever since! Thank you again!
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    Stuck in the garage and wating to go

    It just occurred to me that you have 868 cubic inches sitting in your garage :) When I grow up I want to have a garage just like yours.
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    Holley #12-305 sender and pump is what I am using with my original style tank. Don't know how long it takes to bleed, just looked at my car which has not been started for 3 weeks and pressure gauge was at the bottom. The fuel line from the pump to the EFI body is full of gas, it shouldn't be draining back to the tank as injectors are closed when ignition is off so building the pressure after it bleeds off should happen in milliseconds as fluids are not compressible.
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    nice, I love engine porn
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    Stuck in the garage and wating to go

    Real Nice, are you allowed to have left hand drive there?
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    I Need To Vent

    I would like to contribute :)
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    Your gonna hate me now

    Ok, guys, I am NOT a Chevy guy but i couldn't pass up a rust free 1972 Nova SS with all parts included and most of them NOS! im looking to restore and flip it, so dont worry, ill be back to stangs after I hopefully make some $$ on this thing.
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    Door Glass Alignment

    You can also elongate the bolts holes on the bottom of the doors outward to give you more adjustment.
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    Paul's 69 Mach1

    A model of the car as I got it, my daughter had it made for a Xmas present
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    67 fastback

    Yeah, I hear that all time. I guess I'm more interested in making friends than money LOL.

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