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    69 Mach 1 / 408W

    Got her home from paint, time to reassemble for good.
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    Mike65's 69 Coupe build

    Today was a nice day so I rolled the engine out of the garage & installed the valve covers & the headers. The bottom end is stock, the heads are Ford Racing M-6049-X306 w/Ford Racing 1.6 roller rockers, cam is Ford Racing M-6250-B303, & the headers are Hedman 88408 Shorties.
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    69 Mach 1 / 408W

    Stripes and lettering painted and cleared. Ready for cut and buff then back to the the mechanical
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    50th birthday thread

    May 16, 1969 - Raven Black with Black interior with 302, 3 speed, now Red on Black with 302, 5 speed in Australia
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    Ridge Runner

    There goes my baby

    Couple more pics before it goes to the new owners ,a retired couple from Iowa that just had to have it just as it sits
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    My Son Mike's 69 Mach 1 Restoration

    Big day tomorrow! Mike and I are taking the car to the paint shop!
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    This is specifically for a 69 and 70 (because they are brother cars) but the concepts apply to all. Frankly the only reason I did the 70 is because it was the first year to have fuse links, and I wanted to see how they did it. I've been working with PA Performance on a 3G alternator and found their instructions woefully lacking. FYI a 1G is generation one, etc., and the 3G is prized for its high amp output at low rpm. The 69 is on page 1, the 70 on page 2 and all the notes (which you really need) are on page 3 of the attached PDFs. 3G alternator wiring pg1.pdf 3G alternator wiring pg2.pdf 3G alternator wiring pg3.pdf
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    50th birthday thread

    My baby turned 50 on 2nd June. And I missed it. I don't think she's talking to me now. Maybe flowers will help.
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    Hey all, wanted to let you know that my documentary released last week on Amazon Prime Video! As some of you know, this has been an 8 year journey for me, with lots of highs and lows. I'm super psyched to finally have it out in the world. There's a bunch of 69 Mustang content in it (although the film is about more than just cars). It's been getting a really great response so far, and I hope you enjoy if you decide to give it a watch. Please rate/review it on Amazon as well if you enjoy it, the more ratings I get, the better chance I have of landing as a recommended video on the front page of Prime Video! Thanks for all the support over the years, and check out the official poster below! -Jason
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    There goes my baby

    Nice that the sale went smoothly Jim. And you can rest assured knowing Johnny's car helped buy the property.
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    Blasted, primed and painted my rocker trim. Yesterday did interior pieces.
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    NASCAR engine 69 Fastback

    I would also add: -insurance sufficient funds in the glove compartment for bribing the local constabulary when caught speeding
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    The Henry Ford Museum

    Been in the Detroit area for a few days and thought I'd check out the place. While it's not an automotive museum, it does have a lot of cool auto stuff. 1966 & 2016 Lemans winners: I forgot about this tid bit until I saw it, these Lemans cars required a spare tire per the rules of the day. Check out the spare tire: 1965 Indy winner Jim Clark: AJ Foyt car: Mustang I concept car:
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    1969 Mustang E'

    What little I have had it out which has been a mix of city / two lane highways if I am doing my math correctly it is getting 25 mpg's. Which is what is reported from Ford back in 68' / 69'.
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    Installed the water pump, intake manifold, distributor, & dip stick.
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    Paul's 69 Mach1

    Really impressive work. Especially the right hand conversion and the modifications for the 17's drive train.
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    Paul's 69 Mach1

    I would stay with body colour, the 2 pack clear is a lot more resistant to oil and brake fluid spills.
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    Wheel fit ?

    This should help https://www.mustangdepot.com/graphics/tirefitmentguide69-70.pdf Also, my 15x10s detailed here ...
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    I am not sure what you are after, however, if you want Mach 1 wood grain dash and glove box pieces, I have a few. I also have a new wood grain radio bezel and the stainless door trim for the deluxe interiors and many other parts. I am also a scott drake dealer and might be able to save you some money on some parts if you want.
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    Paul's 69 Mach1

    I would recommend painting the engine bay and the trunk area on the rotisserie, it's a pain to get into the tight spots, but a lot easier on a rotisserie.
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    You can lose weight... You can also slide the seat all the way back before exiting (if not already) and it will be there when you enter the car. You can also extend the rails for further movement backwards.
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    Hey guys! Been a long time... For those that don't remember me, I bought/built a 69 Mustang Coupe back in 08, and I was active on the forum here till about 2014. I had started a documentary project/blog that my Mustang was featured in, and switched over about a third of the way through to a 300zx Twin Turbo to build for road racing (then sold my Stang in 2014 to continue funding the film) - Original Documentary/Z Build Thread The years went by, and I got less and less active on car forums in general... but I was recently closing down an old email address, and came across a PM notification from member RPM on here he sent me 3 years ago! Thought I'd log in and say hello to you all, and let you know that I never gave up on the documentary, and after all these years it's finally finished and I'm planning to independently release it this summer! Was a lot of ups and downs both making the film, and subsequently trying to release it (you can read more here if interested), but I couldn't be more proud of the way it came out. Check the trailer below (feel free to subscribe/visit the website/social media/etc.), and drop a comment here to say hi if you remember me, lol. Hope you're all well! -Jay Despite The Loss Official Trailer
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    MTF might recognize this

    The owner just sent me the results. He got first place and best paint .
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    1968 Cougar

    It's green.
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    glad it helped! one time out of a hundred I make a suggestion that really helps.
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    RandyatBBY's 1970 Sportsroof

    Well the cross member and spring cap is welded in finally a little progress.
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    RandyatBBY's 1970 Sportsroof

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    Pic needed

    The picture of the middle one is scary; looks like only 2 tack welds attaching the support. Also, I would think that the tab of the support should fit in to the slot on roof side support.
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    1968 Cougar

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    1G to 3G alternator conversion

    Thanks for the info. Saved for a conversion down the track.
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    There goes my baby

    I know it leaves you a bit empty, hurts a little too, I'm sure. Lots of memories and it was associated with someone very close to you. That's part of the reason that I could never sell my Mach. Bittersweet, Ridge.
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    There goes my baby

    Very nice. Hope the new owners enjoy it.
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    There goes my baby

    That's a really good looking car, hope the new owners appreciate it as much as you have.
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    Brian Conway

    Disc brakes question

    I run the stock power disc brakes on my 428 car. Perfectly happy with the performance. Street or straight line track never a problem. Only locked the brakes up once and it was the rears. The skid/slide was slow easy and predictable. Keeping the cars systems stock/original seems to be the way to go ? Parts, repairs and instructions are much easier to obtain and work with. Brian
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    Alcupuco Blue. Hope to have done early July.
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    I'd fire that mechanic after getting your money back.
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    My 69 Mach 1 was build from factory with fixed rear seats. I'd like to keep it stock so i don't lose any value being that i have original engine. trans and seats. Question is can i convert to fold down rear seats with original ford parts and still retain the value?
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    1968 Cougar

    Finished welding in the rest of our suspension.
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    What is this part?

    There is also an outer bumper bracket that installs on top of this one https://www.cjponyparts.com/bumper-bracket-front-outer-driver-side-1969-1970/p/BB3OL/
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    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Took a ride up to a local metal supplier & purchased a couple 2x2x6' steel square tube to build a pair of sub frame connectors.
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    Ridge Runner

    What is this part?

    Front bumper bracket ...you may need that
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    Brian Conway

    69 Front Tire Clearance

    FWIW The rears on my 69 car are 2.5" clear (fender edge to tire) at the front and 3" clear at the rear. So not centered on the stock configuration. Brian
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    Ridge Runner

    1969 Mach 1

    Looks like my 67 is sold ,and the 69 will be in the next day or two ,as soon as the money is transferd . Going to miss them both ,but i have extras so i will get over it . Guys ,try out my friend Rob Taylor's foMoCo parts trader on face book ,cars were there 1 day and sold ,had 100 messages on my phone this morning ,mostly messenger ,took all morning to get through them haha
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    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Changed rear gear from 4.11 to a 3.70...new slicks mounted..getting read for next week racing...I haven't had a good year...driver keeps sleeping on the tree...
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    It is Time

    Years. They move so fast. This girl has been in my life 41 years now. So hard to believe. I just drive her. Really need to do suspension work, but I'd just rather drive. This year has been tough. It rains every weekend, so she hasn't seen many road miles. Of the 41 years owned, the open diff has grabbed both tires less times than I can count on one hand. Another finger happened this weekend! Once I am too old to giggle at stuff like this, it's time to take a dirt nap! So special when she goes sideways!
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    Fitech vs Sniper vs ?

    Hello Have just installed the new Edelbrock pro flo 4 on my 351w and coulkd not be happier : First cranking = immediate start The auto tune/learn function works very well and cold start and dieseling issues are gone. The engine is much smoother and even quieter. I also installed the Aeromotive Stealth 2 fuel tank which is very well priced. Tuning is done via an Android Tab connected by bluetooth. for 1850 USD you get a real port injection mounted on a Victor intake - the dizzy is also a nice piece. The only issue is the total height of the install, I needed to cut the hood to clear the air cleaner, I will put a hood scoop like a cougar eliminator or cervini B9 to close this hole.
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    We finished removing and welding a new roof skin to replace the one with 50 drilled holes and bondo stalagtites hanging from the ceiling. Mike was excited initially as he had a temporary sunroof!
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    Remote Mirror for 69 Mustang

    +1 on the Torino mirrors if you want remote passenger control. There's a few threads about those out there. That won't solve the vibration problem, though - I get it too at certain times, when my speed and RPMs align just right - the mirrors are a blur. Not sure what can be done for that. You could look at modern mirrors but I think the unique profile of our doors can be a problem when it comes to transplanting just any mirror. Have you thought about just calling the guy in the Chevy on your cell phone and asking him what's back there?

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