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  2. Yep, I want to get one of those front plates or one that just says 1969
  3. Hi Vic, Thanks for moving tips. We given away a bunch of furniture to friends and family who wanted it. We signed up with a Estate Sale company and they are going to sell or dispose of what we are not bringing, but even with that I have a basement full of stuff, the two cars, and all my tools, and extra car parts to store for about 3-4 months. Any suggestions on short term car storage? We are moving to a retirement community that just open up for lot sales off of Rt64, next to the Jordan Lakes state park (I think it is call) in a old historic town called Pittsboro. We will be near three of our grandchildren in the Apex area. We will be able to see them more often without having to make a 6 hour drive from DE, which makes my wife very happy. Regards, RIch
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  5. Nearly finished on the outside. Just need to install my door handles. Got my convertible rear trim on. Also installed my shaker assembly. It is an aftermarket item, so a few tweaks and it fits pretty well.
  6. Hey Rich. I lived in the Raleigh area for around 8 years a while back, so very familiar with the area. If you need any info, let me know. As far as offloading the stuff, if the new house is smaller and doesn't have the room, consider putting all of your extra stuff into a POD, and have that delivered to a U-Store-It place. Then you can unload and sort it out later. No inspection in NC for any cars over 25 years old. In fact, many counties, like the one I live in, are exempt from even emissions inspection for new cars. I am about 2 hours and 15 minutes from Raleigh plus or minus depending where you live. Southwest near Apex, Holley Springs, or Fuquay is a good spot, if that is where you are
  7. Hi Vic, Your build is really looking fantastic! I really like those horizontal LED headlights. Can you go thru MV inspection in N.C. without side markers on a car made after 1967? In Delaware, I don't you can, unless they overlook it. Anyway, the wife and I will be moving in six months to N.C., about 20 mins southwest of Raleigh. Waiting for the house to be built. I looking forward to living there, but not looking for to making the move. The amount of stuff we have accumulated over the years is just overwhelming. We can it all with us, so what to do? I did not make Carlisle this year for the first time in more than six years. Next year we will have just relocated, so I am not sure if I will be ready to go, but I'll let you know next May. Regards, Rich
  8. I know this is an old post but I learned the backseat of my car was useless when I was in high school. Great thread
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  10. Thanks Rich. Have not checked site in a while. Been busy!
  11. smh00n

    Drag Week 2023

    They gotta pull a trailer to each track. Can’t do any outside help, only the driver and passenger can work on the car
  12. Midlife

    Drag Week 2023

    I wonder why that white drag car has a hitch on the rear; kinda overkill of an engine to haul around a utility trailer, don't you think?
  13. NPD and all the others sell them. If your car has the holes still, I'd put them in to keep the dirt out. That's why I'm doing it. If you replaced the panels and the holes aren't there, personally, I wouldn't bother. I don't think any of us are doing the heavy, everyday driving or letting them sit outside where we'd have to worry about the trunk needing to drain. But that's one person's opinion.
  14. smh00n

    Drag Week 2023

    Currently following Drag Week as a spectator. Bit of a disappointment as some of the well known guys and girls are not here, but lots of ‘regular’ quick street cars. 2 of ‘our’ Mustangs here; a white 70 sport roof rocking a 427 Windsor on nitrous in the 8.50 class, and getting close to the 8.50. The other is a 69 coupe that is a bit slower, about 13 or 14 I think (too many cars to try to remember). Also, in Rockingham was a driver quality 70 sports roof in Calypso Coral and black which might be a Mach 1 for sale. Now fitted with a 460. Pics attached if interested. IMG_0922.mov
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  16. Thanks fellas. I had thought that seeing the gap with the tail lights in might be difficult. Thanks for that input and photos, jmlay. As Ridge Runner noted, I may bump it a bit.
  17. We are all winners since the site is still up.
  18. My car is missing them and I was describing them to the body shop employee. Should I add them back in and I guess they sell them at NPD.
  19. if you put a spacer at the top of the end cap bolts does it move the bottom in more? Does that create too big of a gap at the top?
  20. While I waited.... I took care of some surface rust then painted the floor with some Eastwood rust encapsulator. Then I did the following for heat and soundproofing. 1. Sound Deadner - pick your favorite brand. I had some left over from a past project. 2. Decoupling - I used "Design Engineering Under Carpet Lite" (Carpet Lite) 3. ACC's Essex Carpet with the Mass Backing. It's also molded, and worked great. (Mass Backing) Also, If your going to tackle something like this - do yourself a favor and purchase 10 inch heavy duty scissors, they cut thru all these products, and made the carpet install a breeze.
  21. The new T5Z has been grinding, so I called Modern Drive Line, and they had Tremec warranty it! Only 500 miles on this T5Z. Tremec, sent me a box, and return label.. all I needed to do was remove it, and drop off at Fed-Ex.
  22. Hard to explain how but the tail panel needs a bump with a hammer and a block of wood ,it actually moves very easily so it doesnt take a lot ,hit where it would be under the end cap at the wide gap on the tail panel
  23. I agree with Brian, they look pretty good to me. I replaced my taillight pane longer ago than I care to admit and finally getting it all back together, not recall the manufacture. Here are pictures of mine for reference. With taillights installed it will be hard to tell if there is a small gap. Making them more parallel with the taillight, viewing from the rear, is more apparent.
  24. Hard to get a good visual or picture with the bumper and tail light lenses in the way. Your end caps look pretty good. Brian
  25. I've been doing some panel mock up and gap evaluation on my car before paint and question the fit up of my rear qtr end caps as they run across the tail panel. The rear quarters are OEM as are the end caps. I replaced the tail panel with a high end NPD part that was Ford tooling and it went in nicely but now I'm not sure about how the end caps are to fit against that tail panel. Mine are not uniform with a gap larger at the bottom than at the top.... see pics. Can I get pics of how these fit on your cars?
  26. More progress pictures. You can follow me on instagram for mor pictures at https://instagram.com/red69mustang?igshid=NzZlODBkYWE4Ng== or @red69mustang
  27. Got my headlights installed. Tested out the AAW wiring I installed three years ago, and fired the horizontal LEDs up. Works as designed.
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