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  2. I’m at that stage. Are you after rust prevention, sound reduction or heat reduction. It’s very different. Few products do all three well. If you’re going for original there’s products for that but if you remove it I wouldn’t think that’s what you want.
  3. Had to pay the leatches to move . Newsom is a moron ,they have home owners trying to sell to leave California by the balls and they know it . They finally started packing yesterday after the owner payed them 5,000 to leave ,may they get hit by lightening ...twice !
  4. That sounds very tempting. I'll be there the end of this month :)
  5. Dan at Chockostang and his wife Carol are very nice people. And he in particular is very sharp at what he does. He is well known on all 3 of the Mustang forums that I visit. Dave R.
  6. There's a great house in Panama City waiting for you to buy for your retirement. Comes with a separate 3 car garage with AC, a lift, and a compressor. Welcome to retirement. Enjoy it to the fullest.
  7. You know you'll trigger some snowflakes with that shirt LOL
  8. Dave - spoke to him this morning, very helpful. rwc - I'll investigate that but they might get tripped up with the complex bends into the valve.
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  10. Never used any online vendor or repops, luckily, there is a local vendor in my city that does custom hoses, I would give them a length and let them know how I wanted them. maybe thats something to look into first?
  11. Bought this from HodgeTwins
  12. You know me better than that LOL
  13. Congrats! Hope you didnt sell it to a commie :-)
  14. I had the same problem and was also blowing fuses. Mine was related to a thick wire that needs to be clipped off the grant adapter for certain installations. Also, you should smear dialectic (sp?) grease all over the copper ring to allow the copper pins to travel over the service smoothly. mine has the same shavings from running dry like yours. edit: I also had my wheel on too tight.
  15. RPM

    MTF News

    Congrats and God speed.
  16. Best of luck to you both in your future endeavors. Hope you both enjoy your retirement and get to relax some for awhile now.
  17. As mentioned previously, I upgraded to the Unisteer PS set up for a couple of reasons. My manual box was wore out and was not fun to drive. I also wanted to switch to a PS setup as I have a bigblock, with wide front ties and was converting to a 5 speed, and honestly didn't feel safe doing that with the manual set up. I never liked the stock style PS set up so opted for the Unisteer set up. I have no complaints and it has worked great for me and was very easy to install.
  18. Dear Fellow Enthusiasts and Friends, I have put this on our forum and Facebook but wanted to post it here. There are a lot of good people and friends on this forum that I respect. After years of dedication to the mustang hobby we are ready to begin the next leg of our journey together with semi-retirement. For thirty-three years we have worked side-by-side and the last thirteen years have owned and operated Mustangs To Fear. For fifty years Rich has been involved with the mustang hobby. He has restored many mustangs, helped countless people with their car build projects, developed hundreds of innovative parts, and answered thousands of technical questions. All the while, his sense of humor made people laugh and brightened their day. We are very grateful for all the support the mustang community has given us and the friends we have made through the years. As we slow down and take a turn in the road towards retirement, we thank you for your support. We are passing the car keys of Mustangs To Fear to a fellow enthusiast and capable driver, Tom Peters of 4P Automotive, Inc., and all of our past team is staying on to be his crew. Rich will be staying on as a technical consultant and for new parts development, while spending some of his free time on early bronco parts. Development work continues on new products, some of which have already been added to the website. Business will carry on as usual with the exception of pandemic related issues, which will be addressed in another message. Thank you all and thanks to our team for many great years. You have all blessed us greatly. Rich and Michele
  19. ok one more thing what is the best paint or under coating to put on my frame rails and floors after I take off all of old stuff off
  20. I've got a Chocko rebuilt manual box and love it. You can save a few bucks and make your own.
  21. There's nothing wrong with the stock steering, unless you have money just burning a hole in your pocket. You can rebuild it yourself or have Chockostang do it: http://www.chockostangclassicmustang.com/ FYI, I saw a post from Chock on another forum where he asked why Vette people never complain about the same system, but Mustang people do.
  22. I think its affordable and worth the money if you want to eliminate the old suspension and get the modern comforts of a new car, I think this kit will solve that and its just easier to service as you can rebuild your coilover shocks with bilstein. I do however feel his brake kits are slightly overpriced, you can roughly get the same kit for a few hundred dollars less, but his pricing is based off the research and engineering he has done for our cars and it has been proven to work well in both street and race environments.
  23. I have SOT coil overs with a the original Power Steering setup, works fine. Once you have installed the coil over setup, get the car to an alignment shop that has experience with old classic cars. https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/e5h21.html
  24. thanks for all the info , I am going to go with coil overs but do I stay with the stock steering ? i am going to try and do the work my self
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