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  2. This is the only photo I have atm, wires for control box all run under the console on the trans tunnel, rear seat has a decent gap on the hump. Their encased in a zip loom protector, so if need I can open it up easily. The main battery leads run up either side of the floor
  3. That's impressive. I saw the spaghetti on page 4 and another shot of the fuse block (and computer?) on page 5. Is that an aftermarket harness are you using? I've thought about putting the fuses in the trunk for easier access. How did you route/hide all the wire in the floor areas through the cabin? I didn't see any photos.
  4. The ‘70 Lincolns and Thunderbirds had power door locks that used vacuum actuators. They are similar to shaker hood ram air mid plate flapper actuators. I am for sure not interested in that! There are some nice retrofit kits that have a remote control and other features like trunk lid and ignition cut off. I am likely headed that way https://autoworksparts.com/product/1969-1970-mustang-power-door-lock-kit
  5. I assume either the grande or cougar had a power Window option?? it would seem a natural to transplant some from those cars? oh you said locks. I had windows on the brain…..
  6. Had a similar problem once- If the play is within the control valve, pull the cap off the left end and readjust the lock nut. Find the instruction online how to adjust the lock nut which will influence the preload within the valve.
  7. Last week
  8. I would clean it up with soap and water or maybe some CLR ? Anyway get rid of the surface oxidation and shoot it with some rust inhibitor. The spray results in turning the area a dark almost black color. I sprayed some on the caliper in the picture. The treated area is much darker. Or you could also try using some gun blue ? You can always paint the color of your choice later. Brian
  9. Sorry if this has been posted before and I tried to search the topic but had no luck. Has anyone had any success painting their fuel tank? My tank is probably 8 years old and is the basic galvanized tank. I've started to notice that the tank just doesn't appear to appealing anymore and maybe this is what white rust looks like Any advice on how to address? Maybe using Kilz all purpose primer and then paint black or silver?
  10. You know red is the most expensive right up there with yellow.
  11. Mine was horrible before I replaced all the steering bushings and rebuilt the power steering system. Also added a roller idler arm. Did this at the same time I did the suspension and brakes. Then used the shelby drop/radial tire alignment specs. You can get under the car and have someone turn the wheel to see where the slop is between the steering column shaft turning and the wheels moving. Love it now.
  12. Oh donor car is good idea. Thanks!
  13. I just used a generic servo. My much smarter friend used Ford power for locks from his donor Town Car.
  14. OK thanks, let me take a look at the pictures appreciate it
  15. heard back from the shop today and the earliest they can get me in is 8-12 months from now with a 6-12 month turnaround after that. I'm going to put my car back together and drive it until they are ready and pull the interior back out before they get it.
  16. Hi Vic, it’s a kit that’s installed, can get them on eBay ,I mounted the solenoid towards the back of the door and attached the rod to the inside snub button rod, I ran wires inside from each side to the control box under the dash, previous post shows how I did the extra wires running from doors to pillars, only photo I can give you is of the actuators if you want
  17. Any experience/advice/lessons learned with install of power door locks??
  18. hope its a simple question to ask everybody. We don'y have the stock flywheel. 428CJ, 4 speed car . Am i looking at imbalanced Flwheels? Any help much appreciated . Thanks Harry
  19. If you have the money i say go for it, lifes too short.
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