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  2. Sure enough, previous owner hadn't got both sides clipped into the upper 'hooks'. One side was just flapping around with the loop clacking against the hook. Disassembled and reassembled and now it's has tight as a tick. Thanks. So now it's on to the next rattle.....
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  4. I purchased a year or so ago a Spectra Premium 22 gallon fuel tank to use with my EFI setup that has an electric fuel pump in the tank. I have read several posts from people that have had problems with the supplied electric fuel pump & gunk in the tank. I took the tank out of the car today & cleaned off the outside of the tank & I want to clean the inside also before putting any gas in it. Does any one know how to get the sender with the electric fuel pump out of the tank? I have tried for almost 1/2 hr with no luck.
  5. We can do these in natural finish also.
  6. This customer isn't using them, but we have adjustable turn buckles that look really nice. I'm using this exact setup on my 65 fastback. Everything on my build is what we sell. My fender flares are steel not fiberglass. Also just made black anodized billet bezels with or without ribs, your choice. You also have a choice of our billet gas cap to recess in with our adapter or just bolt it on like the factory.
  7. It's under the 65-66 section. Currently that's the only year we make. I've been kicking around making a new design for the 69-70
  8. Rock Auto sells kits for certain vehicles but not all. Repair kits do not come with new seal for the cap. You may also find rust inside the casting and need to buy a hone to remove it. Your best direction may be to buy a new or rebuilt master cylinder which comes with everything you need and is probably less money than the kit, cover seal and hone if you need it.
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    1966 Coupe

    Hey Rich, I looked, but didn't see it, is the splitter on your website? If not, y'all have one for a 69, and the pricing?
  10. Not real clear on which back seat you are asking about ? Pictures are of the 69 Mach 1 fold down version. Showing stock hooks and latch's. Brian
  11. Yeah, you can just leave the cables loose enough that you can take them.off without having to loosen the nut.
  12. That’s was scary! Will keep that in mind.
  13. Thought I would share some pictures a customer from California sent me this morning. He has the 5 new pieces we developed for the front end. They are the 68 Shelby hood, one piece upper nose, tight fitting bumper, one piece lower valance with 2010 -2014 lights, and our carbon fiber wind splitter. He also has our rear bumper and end caps.
  14. I had a double failure one time- I had rebuilt the carb and when I went to start it, the float stuck, gas started pouring out all over AND the starter solenoid stuck. The engine kept cranking and gas kept pouring. Banging on the solenoid didn't help so I frantically took the battery cable off. Soooooo.... be prepared to take the battery cable off.
  15. Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've been on this forum. It's about time for me to replace my power steering pump, as it has started to leak. I did a randalls rack conversion a long time ago but I kept the original power steering pump. I tried going onto his website but it looks like it no longer exists? Did he go out of business? If he's no longer around does anyone know how to adapt a newer pump to work with his rack and pinion? Thanks, Sean
  16. Thanks Vic. Today was a rainy day & I could not work outside so I was in the garage & started wrapping the engine bay harness & where the harness runs in front of the radiator.
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  18. I'd ensure I have a fire extinguisher handy before starting the engine. Too many backfires/carbs leaking during start-ups in the past (You-Tube videos)...
  19. That would be my wife, Michele :)
  20. I'm looking to find new seals for the m/c. See pic. power disk front / drum rear. any idea where just to get the seals or do i have to buy the rebuild kit?
  21. If the shift shaft is leaking, the valve body needs to be removed to change the seal but it's not complicated. Also, the bolt holes in the pan are sometimes warped from people over tightening them, but they can be straightened, or you can get a new steel or aluminum one.
  22. I actually had to take the last 3 days off ,i havent had a day off in three weeks . Having a bit of trouble getting materials or i would be working 12 hour days just to keep up ...is there still that many Mustangs out there ?
  23. This is usually etched into the paint ,if not to deep do as Rich said and cut and polish with ultra fine grit
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