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  2. The boxes are the same size physically but a manual box is 19 to 1 ratio and a PS box is 16 to 1 I believe. The PS box is more direct quicker steering. If you have wider tyres steering will be heavy at low speeds. Keep that 15" steering wheel.
  3. Also I stumbled across this https://fiberglassspecialtiesnv.com/m-218dl-kit-1969-mustang-coupe-fiberglass-decklid-and-pair-of-extensions/ but I have not seen any finished results from anyone. not sure if this is a good quality product. Anyone have any experience with fiberglassspecialties?
  4. @Ridge Runner Does the over lay tail panel replace the stock tail panel? or does it mount over it? im not too sure how that works. Im not opposed to switching from a stock 1969 tail panel.
  5. I’ll call jegs tomorrow. Thanks
  6. 154-1501 https://www.summitracing.com/parts/arp-154-1501 https://www.jegs.com/i/ARP/070/154-1501/10002/-1
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  8. part number under "engine component" in the link above. Cleveland are probably different lengths.
  9. This is the one we're talking about. My car had seat belt warning that was plugged into this.
  10. I can get them for a Cleveland. Summit & speedway didn’t have a part # for them. This is why I’m trying to figure out if the Cleveland bolts will work
  11. I am not saying that you cant make it work but the end caps and trunk lid are made to work with the shelby over lay tail panel . The shelby over lay is close to flat while the 69 tail panel is dished so that will have to be glassed in . Without the overlay panel there is also a gap at the top of the end caps and the trunk lid ,with out the over lay the trunk lid over hangs the 69 tail panel by at least 1 3/8 inch ,it also overhangs on the shelby overlay but parts fit up a bit different so it isnt quite as noticable. If you can work with fiberglass it would not be a big deal but not much you can do with the trunk lid over hanging the metal panel .
  12. Ridge makes a 69/70 shelby style hood to fit regular 69s & 70s. At least I think he still makes them.
  13. https://arp-bolts.com/kits/make.php?_Make=400&_EngModelID=* Check on ebay or amazon, that's where I got all mine for my cleveland.
  14. Yeah @69NC some pics would be great. I'm curious now also for my 69 coupe
  15. Cool, thanks Bob. I'll send it out soon
  16. The power and manual boxes are the same. You want to use a power box as they have much less wear on them due to the power ram doing the grunt work.
  17. I have called summit & speedway with no luck. I’m looking for arp water pump bolts in black for a 302. Summit & Speedway only show then for Cleveland motor not a Windsor are they the same? If anyone has a part # that would help.
  18. Will a power steering box work fine with manual steering or if I installed the Saturn type eps? I'm just wondering since I'll be inputting much more force into the box compared to the way it worked with the hydraulic power steering. I was getting ready to send my power steering box to Chockostang and started to wonder about this. I can ask them too but I'd like to know what people here say
  19. Dart blocks are hard to come by? I was ready to order one from summit for 2600 but then held off..... If I had a buyer for my current 408w shortblock I would have ordered a built shortblock with the dart block. I drive very sprinted now BUT that's with a 270hp V6 that gets decent gas mileage. I'll be more than doubling that power with the 408w so I don't know how hard I'll be pushing it. I would need to get comfortable driving it too before I really push it.. I just don't want to worry about that since I plan to go to a autocross track eventually on rare occasions since it's definitely not cheap. Fuel, new tires, brake pads, helmet and other safety stuff. But that should only be the 1st time I'd imagine. I still have plenty to do before I have to install my engine so if I find a buyer then I'll have another built with a dart block. I haven't told anyone about selling my shortblock but if I did list it and got a good offer I'd definitely upgrade.
  20. If you're going with that type of box and buying it off Amazon, order new connectors. I have one of those I plan to use and the connectors they come with are crap. The retention strength will not hold up to automotive vibration. If you want those let me know I can look up the part number for the connectors that I used. You can order from mouser or digi-key.
  21. Hi Stan, Welcome to the forum! This may help you with identifying what's on your firewall. It's a picture of my 1970 Mach 1 351C M code with no A/C, no power brakes, no P/S, Manual trans. m. This might help you

    engine bay

    Hello, My name is Stan. I am finally working on my 1970 mustang . I have had it in the garage since 1985. And have lots of questions. I have the firewall all cleaned up and want to get rid of any unnecessary holes . I am not a mechanic and feel overwhelmed from all this. Thanks.
  23. The accessory 3 prong plug mentioned above was an option, so it might not exist on Wally A's car. I think what he is looking for is a RUN-only line that he can just plug into. There is no such thing on a 69 or 70. You'll need to find a green/red wire coming from the ignition plug and tap into that, or find the ACC 3 prong plug fuse buss extender. I just got 3 of them in stock.
  24. Last week
  25. looked again for that bullet connector, obviously not in the harness. no where to be found, seat is out so i could take a hard look not in my 69 for sure.
  26. PO is "Prove Out" which is a systems test. It's when the key is turned to the left from center. I don't know if that connector is live when ignition is on. @Midlife would know. Edit: I don't see why you cant use the yellow connector under the dash. I said light just as an example. It can be used for anything. I's just a 12v source.
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